Parasailing in Dubai is one of the most common yet exciting water sports in Dubai Marina. Our team organizes the most safe and unforgettable parasailing sessions.It’s a sport of utmost importance when it comes to adventurous takes.  A person can just feel the air and have the near-fly experience in taking Parasailing in Dubai.

If you thought that you had already seen Dubai from all possible points of views, you’re wrong. With our Parasailing activity in Dubai, you will be able to see it from up above in the sky and from the sea at the same time! A birds-eye view but in real, as you will fly up to 150 meters above sea level and at full speed. Don’t wait any longer to live it first hand and book your spot here!

What is Parasailing?

"Parasailing in Dubai" is an activity in which a person is subjected to a parachute, which is specially designed for the practice of this leisure sport, and the parachute is tied in turn to the back of a boat that will drag it. As soon as the boat begins to accelerate, the parachute will rise and the person who is subject to the parachute will begin to fly above the water.

The Paragliding in Dubai Marina works in the following way: A harness is placed on the person who is going to practice it, this harness connects the individual with the parachute, which is connected to the boat with a series of ropes. It should be noted that the person practicing parasailing has very little or no control over the parachute, which is handled from the boat and moves thanks to the impulse of this and the air currents.

Best Parasailing in Dubai Marina

Although parasailing can be practiced around the entire world, it is necessary to highlight areas where its practice is more winderful. The places in the world where it is most practiced are the coasts of Florida, in the United States, the beaches of Goa, in the east of India, the coasts of Punta Cana, in the Dominican Republic, and finally the most wonderful experience is on Dubai Marina.

Royal Blue Coast (RBC) provides Parasailing packages in Dubai along with our core service of Yacht Rental in Dubai Marina

With the parachute in Dubai on, you will see how the boat will tow you away at full speed, and a seconds later it will begin to take off you above the marvelous Dubai Marina Sea, just in front of the coast. 

You can fly alone or as a couple and for several minutes you will feel float gently and enjoy spectacular views of the Dubai Marina skyline. 

Parasailing is an activity with more than forty years of existence, as safe as it is exciting, ideal to enjoy a different form of the city, watching it from the air! 

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