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Deluxe yacht
Price AED : 2480.00 Per/Hour
Capacity 40pax
Duration Minimum 2 Hours
Availability Daily
Timing 24x7
Location Dubai Marina
Majesty 88ft yacht is one of the most satisfactory yachts which has a renowned name among the best luxurious yachts in the entire world. Comes with an extravagant interior and exterior structures, it just amazes the spectator with its elegant designs in the spacious living rooms. Gulf Craft built the yacht in the year 2010. Well renowned for receiving prestigious awards and are most suitable for all kind of events. This 88ft yacht was also built by Gulf Craft like other Majesty Yachts in the year 2010. These yachts are well renowned for receiving many awards and are always preferred by the guests for all kind of events.
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