Introducing RBC Boat Club - Drive a boat without having own one in Dubai

Introducing RBC Boat Club - Drive a boat without having own one in Dubai

It has been known that the maritime leisure activities have been increasing in Dubai and have seen more people engaged in those, desiring to be on waters. But owning a boat is neither easiest or cheapest option available in Dubai. Fortunately, favoring the growing inclination towards boating industries in Dubai, we at the RBC have launched our latest venture ‘RBC Boat Club,’ which allows a person to be the Captain, with choice of a well-maintained fleet. It is the most comfortable and cheap way to be on the waters, without the trouble of owning a boat.


Having been in the business for over a decade, and with the knowledgeable staff, of which experience when combined range over a hundred years, RBC Yachts are considered maestro in the field. The fleet owned by RBC Boat Club is of latest, and it includes fishing boats, surfing boats, wakeboard boats, speed cruisers, mini yachts and many more. The amenities, along with the extras such as skis, tubes, wakeboards, kneeboards, BBQ, fishing equipment, and even RBC’s own captains on request will be available – assuring room for all the enjoyable activities out at sea.


The Boat Club offers a membership plan with incredible benefits upon joining. The members could enjoy an exclusive 25% offer on all the products and the services provided by RBC Yachts. The club functions rather as a community and will be conducting regular events that only members and their families; even friends, can enjoy – which no other club offers! Whether it is a dinner party on one of our luxury houseboat, or the weekend’s ending with sunset drinks on one of our super yachts!


Operating and functioning from Dubai Marina, RBC Boat Club offers turn-up-and-go assistance. It also assists clients in getting their boating license, along with their in-house RBC Sea School, which provides an international Royal Yachting Association (RYA) certified license. The captains and trainers, who are experts in their field, at the RBC Sea School will help guests to master the art of boating with most useful skills and confidence.


RBC Boat Club, which is the only five-star boat club around the area, offers its members an easy system to book their favored yachts online, guaranteeing two prior bookings, at any time given, and assures the most beneficial support services for comfortable accessibility. From mere cleaning to maintenance, fueling to berthing, all the members can get limitless access to their own premium fleet of yachts.


So forget the trouble of buying a boat, which could cost you numerous amount, and be at ease. Let the experts of RBC Boat Club attend to it and take care of your desired experience in boating. Make a good judgment this summer and enjoy it with RBC Club’s VIP services.